Business Continuity Data Backup and Data Protection

Data Backup and Data Protection

The Comp Authority Inc. provides comprehensive Business Continuity Data Backup and Data Protection. Shield your business’ vital records from damage caused by natural disasters, mechanical breakdowns, or human blunder with our personalized data backup and data protection services specially designed to meet the needs of your business.

If you’re like most small and midsize businesses, you rely heavily on your data and IT infrastructure. You use computers, servers, and other electronic hardware and software for a wide range of core functions, including accounting, shipping, customer management, marketing and inventory.

The surprising fact is that installation of data backup services has never been easier or more cost-effective in order to protect and manage data, and ensure business continuity.

Data backup services: What’s included Needs vary, so we offer a wide menu of data protection packages, including subscription services, licensed software and combinations of the two. Whether you need backup for one computer or hundreds, our packages have the scalability you need.

Data Backup Services: Secure essential business data in your desktops, laptops and servers.

Data Protection Services and retrieval: Shield information from hackers and theft. Protect your IT infrastructure with Windows-based server technology; retrieve your data through a secure web portal.
Recovery: Restore servers and applications quickly with embedded virtual server technology; recover from system failure or data loss in minutes (not hours or days).

We provide simple, fast and reliable data backup and protection services, superior customer service, and unsurpassed value. Our comprehensive data backup services are specifically designed to help small and midsize businesses effortlessly protect the information, systems, and applications that keep them going every day.

Businesses aren’t built overnight, but a catastrophic data loss can un-build a business in a matter of minutes.